What is a PainPoint? 

The best team solutions come from "intermittent collaboration," as defined by group work punctuated with breaks to think and work alone.

At PainPoint.com we aim to create space for the exploration of creative solutions through the discovery of tools, techniques and professionals that may help address your unique Pain Points.

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Discover Vendor Products available to support your business needs.  Listen to end User Reviews product reviews that may compare pricing, performance, usability and user community support.  Explore the right products, solutions and consultants available to best accomplish your company project goals.


Don't ruin your business by purchasing the wrong products, hiring the wrong people or implementing poor processes.  Learn here from Industry Professionals who share the same Business and Technology Pain Points! 

pain point: noun

: a persistent or recurring problem (as with a product or service) that frequently inconveniences or annoys customers. 

One useful way to simplify work is to confront a “pain point,” a thorny problem plaguing a set of people.